Offer good service to get more loyal customers

Offering good service is a value for the customers and an effective means for companies to compete against other companies. Research shows that good service can make customers more loyal and willing to pay more for the company’s products or services.

There are four important areas to consider when offering good service:

  • Be honest in the contact with the customers
    • Have a good after-sales service
    • Keep in touch with customers
    • Have a long-term thinking

Be honest

A customer who discovers that a company is lying loses confidence in the company. This can lead to the customer leaving the company and it can also lead to the customer spreading bad rumors about the company.

Have a good after-sales service

Having a good after-sales service means that customers should feel confident that the company will take care of them even after a purchase. If there is a problem with a product after a purchase, it is therefore important that the company has a well-thought-out and “fair” policy for handling any complaints from customers. This applies not only reactively but also proactively, that is the company must actively meet and take care of its customers after a purchase.

Keep in touch with customers

Keeping in touch with customers is important, but it is also important to be able to offer value in the contact with the customer. Simply sending out information about products to customers is often not enough, that is old-fashioned advertising that many companies send out is often not seen as a service by the customers. It is necessary that there is a real value in the mailing for the customers to find that the company provides them with a service. The value can, for example, consist of free information about new ways of using the company’s products or other information that can be useful to customers. Then, of course, the company can also send information about its products at the same time.

Have a long-term thinking

Having a long-term mindset is about not damaging the long-term relationship with a customer to gain in the short term. If a customer has problems related to the company’s products, it can be good to simply solve the problems even if it costs a little in the short term. The long-term gain can be significantly greater from such actions.

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